Chuck’s fantasy squad goals, NHL’s Top 100 list, Bure revisited, Goon 2, and the most evil Disney villain

Please join us for episode #2 as we chirp about:

•  Chuck’s fantasy squad – so impressive yet so disappointing
•  Who’s the most evil Disney villain and why
•  NHL’s top 100 list (all-time), cutting down a “snubbery”
•  Careers cut too short (Bure, Orr, Neely, Lalalala-Fontaine)
•  Pavel Bure revisited and his triple-platinum song
•  Zach Werenski vs Seth Jones – who’s better
•  Goon 2 – our first movie review

Second poddie is on the books – don’t call it a comeback!

PS: Pavel Bure’s triple-platinum song is pure gold: