Hockey and winter are coming! Plus an interview with pioneer and Columbus hockey legend, Henry Dill – eppie 6

Join the boys as we discuss:

  • the upcoming season
  • Domi to Montreal, Galchenyuk to Arizona
  • Tavares move to Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Vegas’ inaugural season success
  • an interview with Columbus local legend and homegrown hockey pioneer, Henry Dill
  • why dynamic warm-ups are so important in hockey
  • how many hockey players can fit in a Mercedes Sprinter?
  • Chuck and Hartsy eat crow on Ovi & the Caps and the Oilers respectively


Chuck & Hartsy make amends, anthem protests, Hischier impresses, Chuck “loves” Ovi (false), Reaves vs Preds, and our first guest interview – B2B Eppie #004

Chuck & Hartsy make amends, crack open a couple cold ones on our first night poddie, and have our first guest interview, a call-in from North of the border.  Listen in as we chirp about:

  • national anthem protests
  • how good is Nico Hischier (Hee-she-yer)?
  • Chuck’s “undying love” for Alex Ovechkin (lies)
  • Hartsy’s actual undying love for Ryan Reaves… watch Pens vs Preds footage from PIT feed at 1:09 and 2:08 to see Reaves vs the entire Preds team
  • Ian Cole’s face gets prettier
  • Katie Hawley joins the Ducks (great story)
  • Chuck has some Doughty abouty Alex DeBrincat
  • R.Kelly pee on the NHL for not participating in the Olympics
  • Jack Eichel’s big payday
  • can Erik Karlsson return to 2016-17 form?
  • Vegas is 3-0 -who predicted that, and how long can Marc Andre Fleury carry that team?